Rubena Kratos Ts 2.25

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Contrary to its rough and robust appearance the Kratos is no Clydesdale. Its low weight and supple ride mean this tyre rolls, corners and accelerates like its pedigree cousins and will stubbornly hang on where others can’t.
The Kratos is versatile enough to be considered by many as an all-rounder, but the Kratos really comes into its own when the trails get ugly. Roots, rocks and ruts – this tyre is built to tackle whatever you can throw at it. The Kratos has a big volume to dull down rough trails, coupled with an aggressive but consistent tread design to tackle the loosest terrain.
The Kratos tread design is a special one. The consistent center-line gives low rolling resistance, while the outer edge is where the Kratos gets down to business. Widely spaced knobs dig into anything gnarly out on the trail and high performance CRX compound spreads over the terrain thanks to the ultra supple casing. The Kratos hangs on tight so you don’t have to!

GREY LINE (GL)rubena-v98-kratos-tubeles-supra-grey-line-29er-gumikopeny

Special combination of two compounds – (1) soft adhesive compound (SSC – Grey Line) on side tyre figures and (2) well-proven CRX compound both in tread center and base for side figures. Combination of these two compounds predetermines the tyre for racing purposes providing low drag for fast riding and excellent grip and control in curves and traverse.


Rubber compound on active carbon black basis. Such provides high structural strength, enhanced abrasion resistance, excellent adhesion, grip and low drag characteristics.
Density – 1,02 g/ cm3. Predetermined especially for racing purposes.

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  • Brand: Rubena
  • Category: Mountain Bike Tyres
  • Colour: Black
  • Size: 26", 27.5", 29"
  • ID: 102832563
  • Type: Tubeless